Thank you for visiting our V-Blog, here we try to share with you about our photography works from our personal live, to a peoples portrait like family, kids, couple's who fall in love and also a Wedding. Enjoy, have fun and we really do hope u have a good times

Michelle + Joe || the E-Session || Inner harbor, MD

IMG_9972IMG_9985 copy IMG_9911 IMG_9874 IMG_9820 IMG_1177 IMG_1157b IMG_1013b IMG_1018b IMG_1068 IMG_1073 IMG_1087 IMG_1107 IMG_1122 IMG_1128 IMG_0933 IMG_1146 IMG_0900c IMG_0841 IMG_0861 IMG_0827 IMG_0824 IMG_0814 IMG_0808  IMG_0093 IMG_0156 IMG_0182 IMG_0700 IMG_0726 IMG_0748 IMG_0763 IMG_0078 IMG_1202 IMG_1291 IMG_0009 IMG_0025 IMG_0080



and here are the slide show :


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